Human Builder is committed to building better humans, from the inside out, via education, humanity and empowered autonomy, by providing access to quality alternative mental health, and wellness services, accessible to anyone, anywhere.

 Human Builder will guide you toward an unprecedented understanding of your brain-body connection, elevate your mental and physical health, while actualizing your optimized experience your way, inside and out.


Our ideal “MAFIA” Member is ready and willing to do what it takes to own and embrace their journey from the inside out. They are eager to do the work, show up for themselves, and refuse to settle. This human has a background — and some understanding — of the importance of fitness / nutrition, spirituality, and therapeutic trauma processing, in one’s total wellbeing. Ultimately, an individual that is a pillar of compassion — and leadership — in their family, community, and workplace.

Mac the Human Builder


Mac is an Alternative Mental Health Practitioner, with a multidisciplinary study in communications, human behavior, psychology, health and wellness.

Her BA is in Communications, with a focus in interpersonal dynamics. She also holds a Gold’s Gym-sponsored certification in Personal Training, and been mentored under leading orthopedists and sport’s medicine physicians, holistic practitioners, professional athletes, and continues her education daily in the arenas of the brain-body connection, psychology and human consciousness.

In doing so, she has curated a bespoke coaching protocol and philosophy that integrates the mental, spiritual and physical, experience of an individual.

The once personal trainer built her online business through the power of human connection, using social media as her weapon of choice. Her programs are designed to cater to the psycho-emotional needs of the individual first, intended to rebuild the bridge between brain and body.

With a thriving international clientele, men and women, ranging in ages from 18 to 65 from a breadth of backgrounds, and beliefs, Mac remains firm in her stance that mental and physical health is a human right, and should be made accessible, and affordable, to anyone, anywhere.