We hear it f*king everywhere: meditate more, Have you tried bullet journaling…? What they’re trying to say is ‘slow your brain the hell down’ so it doesn’t crash and burn.

Meet Your Meatloaf 

Contrary to popular belief, your brain is not out to get you. It’s easy to look at your brain and want to run in the opposite direction. This 3lb-action-oriented powerhouse is primarily focused on helping you foresee potential threats, discern sensory signals, store and recall information in a viscerally valiant effort to keep you alive. … Read more

Intuitive Eating 101

HAVE YOU FALLEN VICTIM TO DIET CULTURE?  Take a breather if you will, and reflect on your most recent diet. Odds are it began with a blaze, and simmered out into stubborn sparks just as quickly. Most likely seduced by sayings like “slim down fast,” or “lose (x) lbs in (x) days with ‘this’ quick … Read more