Befriending Fear

Have ya ever just found yourself… triggered — you know what I mean — when the beat of your heart and weight of it increase simultaneously. When your thoughts, judgements and worries overpower your ability to see clearly through the mental fog and fatigue. Being “triggered” to the mind — is the same as being […]

A Human’s Guide to Letting Go

What do you do when the memories play on loop and the voices of those that hurt you are dialed on high? How do you move on, when your brain and body are hooked on holding on?

Meet Your Meatloaf 

Contrary to popular belief, your brain is not out to get you. It’s easy to look at your brain and want to run in the opposite direction. This 3lb-action-oriented powerhouse is primarily focused on helping you foresee potential threats, discern sensory signals, store and recall information in a viscerally valiant effort to keep you alive. […]

The Feed

Positivity and negativity do not live in mutual exclusivity. They are one in the same, part of the game. Things that while appear separate are actually one in the same. On one side, illumination without hesitation frees you from the confines of ego and pride. The other, resistant, hesitant and quick to resent the place […]

The Garden in Your Brain

Have you ever just sat in silence? The kind that sends a chill down your vertebrae, that washes over you with a familiar embrace. Of what it once was like, before the world got its hands on you. Before the weeds took root. It’s the kind of silence that makes the rhythm of your heartbeat […]

The Competitive Edge of Compassion

When walking down the street, seldom will you see a smile. More likely than not, it’s a sea rounded shoulders. You will notice heads hanging low, as they sift through notifications to and fro. A culture inundated with cognitively corrosive content, we can’t help but assume that our world is seemingly out to get us. […]

A Quick Lowdown on Leadership

The greatest leaders aren’t the ones who lead for the sake of leading. For a name plate, pension plan, or paycheck. Leaders, lead they feel an inarguable pull to nurture, guide, and mentor the evolutions of others, regardless of what they have to offer them.  Leaders don’t look down, on those who look up to […]

Sandow Caesar and Success

Success is an interesting metric. A bit like love, it is difficult to define as the meaning is subjectively derived. In a digital age, we are subjected to montages of monumental purchases, of disproportionate monetary value. Leaving humans — that are currently chasing down their demons and dreams — left to feel less than enough. […]

Life is Like a Tattoo

I have family members that loathe the looks of permanent ink — particularly on their first born. Assuming it tarnishes the purity of flesh they used to pinch, smooch, and squeeze. Tattoos illustrations on a canvas foreign to all of us. A meat suit we were placed in — and told to love. To treat […]