Your Brain on Trauma

Okay… we’re gonna talk about “trauma” — BOOM! Quick like a bandaid! Wait! Don’t go anywhere, it’ll be painless! And you’ll leave with greater understanding of what this means for your brain and body, and what you can do about it… *pinky swear*! While some use trauma as the vehicle for self sabotage, attachment and […]


We hear it f*king everywhere: meditate more, Have you tried bullet journaling…? What they’re trying to say is ‘slow your brain the hell down’ so it doesn’t crash and burn.

Befriending Fear

Have ya ever just found yourself… triggered — you know what I mean — when the beat of your heart and weight of it increase simultaneously. When your thoughts, judgements and worries overpower your ability to see clearly through the mental fog and fatigue. Being “triggered” to the mind — is the same as being […]

A Human’s Guide to Letting Go

What do you do when the memories play on loop and the voices of those that hurt you are dialed on high? How do you move on, when your brain and body are hooked on holding on?

Meet Your Meatloaf 

Contrary to popular belief, your brain is not out to get you. It’s easy to look at your brain and want to run in the opposite direction. This 3lb-action-oriented powerhouse is primarily focused on helping you foresee potential threats, discern sensory signals, store and recall information in a viscerally valiant effort to keep you alive. […]

The Feed

Positivity and negativity do not live in mutual exclusivity. They are one in the same, part of the game. Things that while appear separate are actually one in the same. On one side, illumination without hesitation frees you from the confines of ego and pride. The other, resistant, hesitant and quick to resent the place […]

Embrace the Change

Prior to a certification in personal training, or college degree, my mastery was limited to that of big-sisterhood. No matter what came our way — or how imperfectly I handled the pressure — there was an undeniable primal pull in me to prove worthy of protecting our pride. My brother — about 2 years younger […]


I try to listen…
To my mind & heart, and the reminders of
being ripped apart.
By the fears, doubts and stress.
By the judgements, assumptions and
Digitized corruption.

Authenticity Is…

A journey to authenticity is not for the faint of heart. It’s brutally insatiable. With every layer you pull back, another reveals itself, like an infinite onion with a diamond at the core. A diamond that began as a lump of coal who insisted on, and persisted through, the pressure. Each layer you pull back […]

Intuitive Eating 101

HAVE YOU FALLEN VICTIM TO DIET CULTURE?  Take a breather if you will, and reflect on your most recent diet. Odds are it began with a blaze, and simmered out into stubborn sparks just as quickly. Most likely seduced by sayings like “slim down fast,” or “lose (x) lbs in (x) days with ‘this’ quick […]