A Quick Lowdown on Leadership

The greatest leaders aren’t the ones who lead for the sake of leading. For a name plate, pension plan, or paycheck. Leaders, lead they feel an inarguable pull to nurture, guide, and mentor the evolutions of others, regardless of what they have to offer them. 

Leaders don’t look down, on those who look up to them. They don’t reside above the rest, counting the beings below, and wondering how many more will flock, or follow. Leaders are on the ground floor, with a warm welcome, and willingness to do the work needs to be done without hesitation.

Leaders shine the light on those who have dimmer switch has been too low for far too long. They believe potential growth of people, not just profit. Leaders understand it’s not about them, but the greater whole.

A leader alone will never have all the answers.

So they pursue growth, willing to admit their weaknesses, shortcomings, and failures. Illustrious leaders are never done learning. It’s the electricity of their dedication to keep going — for the betterment of those around them — that artfully calls for a cape-clad persona.

Leaders have come into my life in many forms. As coaches, teachers, bosses, and friends. Some helped me lay the bricks, while others taught how to make a mess of mortar.

To be a leader means to rescind the necessity of notoriety, doing what’s right — not just what feels good — moreover realizing that your evolution will never be over. There is no finish line. Your potential is limitless because of the insatiable need to lead that stems from your belief in the good of others.

You are not too passionate / loud / driven. You have a power within you to inspire, and make genuine impact, on the humans around you. You won’t be silenced in the backseat of the classroom.

You will be the leader you needed. Who’s learned life’s lessons, and understands how many more units there are left to go. Your report card is nowhere near perfect; it’s the F’s that made you realize how much more you have to grow.

The magic transpires, when a leader stops leading, and listens with intention to the reincarnation of lessons he once lead. Now in the words of a student. The leader realizes how magical it is to have learned the lesson at all. Not once, but many times over — through the re-teachings of those who entrusted them with part of their evolution in the first place. 

Be a leader, and lead with love. Your impact is valuable. Your power is impactful. Tag at least one other person who could use a surge of electricity today.

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