Stoner Stereotypes and Science

Cannabis, or Marijuana, has had a residencency at the round tables of philosophy, religion, and medicine since 2000 B.C.E.. Long before the socio political revolutions of the counter cultures of the 1960s and 70s, that served as a catalyst of exploration. When both cause, and consciousness, caused a generation to ask questions of a system … Read more

Life is Like a Tattoo

I have family members that loathe the looks of permanent ink — particularly on their first born. Assuming it tarnishes the purity of flesh they used to pinch, smooch, and squeeze. Tattoos illustrations on a canvas foreign to all of us. A meat suit we were placed in — and told to love. To treat … Read more


It’s been almost a year since the rumble of Irma’s clouds chased us all the way back to West Coast — as it was the only flight left as the projected Cat. 5 barreled toward our Tampa Bay. Just days before she courted our waters, our ever-inprogress-home crumbled.  Our ceiling had fallen. Yes, the sky … Read more