A Bit on Unity…

Fear had trapped us in a cage. Caught us in the bondage of rage.

Leaving us blind to the interconnectedness

of human kind.

Is it too late to rise above these hellish gates? to evolve beyond the barricades of hate?

You could argue that it only takes a few, to set the present

status quo askew.

A small tribe determined to guide; to embody the soul’s scribe.

A community built on unity.

An army sent to defeat the demons that dwell.

Though the flames burn high, please don’t forget,

you were sent here to thrive.

To ignite your purpose and

come alive. 

Will you rise from the ashes, gaining strength from the pain

of life’s gnashes?

Can we bond together, untethered,

Speaking truth from the depths of your core to 

soar higher than ever


When we leave this hellish world behind,

will it be a better place

or will we let love be


Fear trapped us in a cage, and I’d never been more enraged.

The time is NOW to break the chains that bar this world

from lasting change.

We won’t let this generation hit rewind. As a unit we will rise.

No longer blind, to the power of unified

Human kind.