I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve found myself in this spot,

Of quote un quote Influence, a word that nowadays makes very little sense.

Against the dark arts, I play defense,

A position I’ve honed with mystical precision.

Of understanding, comprehending the mind

I’d be given.

I try to listen…

To my mind & heart, and the reminders of

being ripped apart.

By the fears, doubts and stress.

By the judgements, assumptions and

Digitized corruption.

I try to listen… 

To the message embedded in my head,

An anecdote comprised of notes,

and moments that lead to

Jumping leaps ahead,

Listening to the lessons that bread

wisdom in the alchemy of lead.

It’s in the silence, I’ve found

The power to ground

Into a truth reflective of

a soul unbound.

It’s in the silence,

when the rain drip drops

On the roof top,

That I can quiet the existential dread,

And listen, as poems write themselves

In my head.

In a world, such as this,

Taking a moment to be

Is considered horse-piss.

So… try to listen…

To the voice in your heart

That’s beckoning for a fresh start.

Free from fear, and the demons’

Heads they rear.

Try to listen…

To the truth you’ve known:

that you’ve never been alone.

All you’ve ever needed is someone

To listen…

To hear you

Through the fear you cling to.

To hold the reflection

Of all of your perfect


This spot, I’ve found myself in,

Has allowed be to be a human

Who listens.

Who hears the stories,

And shares in the glories,

Of humans just like you,

Who are just looking for some to hear

them too.

I think that my mission, 

Is to give you permission,

To feel, think and relieve your

mental clot

In a world that, would rather have you


I’ve found myself in this spot,

The pressure’s rising,

And getting hot.

I can say with confidence,

There’s no greater gift than

mastering dark arts defense.

If this new space comes with influence,

Than I’ll approach it with grace.

Knowing full well

I’m running my own damn race.

Turning Impressions into lessons,

Moments into Sonnets,

And wounds into words.

Reminding you not to trust everything

You’ve heard.

You’re capable.

You’re able.

Your story is non fiction,

Not a fable, so embrace the friction.

Make it count.

You can’t be labeled.

I am a human, with a long way to go,

But please always know…

My mission is to grow,

And always be the one

who listens. 

© Human builder LLC